Strengthening Our Preparation for the Grape Campaign

Oct 30, 2023

We continue to work as a team and focus on our purpose as we move towards this important harvest season of the best fruit in the world. For three days, 18 employees participated in the training program designed to strengthen our skills as field supervisors. This experience took place at our Valerie Headquarters, where we have dedicated ourselves to strengthening our essential capabilities to ensure a successful and satisfactory campaign.

These sessions focused on a number of key topics, from soft skills to remuneration, human resources, agricultural quality and other related topics.

Our main objective was to enhance and reinforce the knowledge of our team, ensuring that they are well prepared to face the challenges that arise during the grape campaign. We firmly believe that investing in the development of our internal capabilities is essential to ensure success and excellence in all our operations.

We are excited to see the commitment and dedication of our supervisors, and are confident that their growing experience will contribute significantly to achieving our goals this upcoming harvest season.


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