Agrícola Andrea: We renew our GLobal GAP certification with 100% qualification

Aug 1, 2023

We are pleased to share exciting news that fills our entire team with pride. We have successfully obtained the Global GAP Recertification for our operations at Agrícola Andrea with 100% compliance! This achievement is a clear demonstration of our firm commitment to excellence in safe and sustainable agricultural practices, which ensures the quality of our products and the protection of the environment.

The Global GAP Recertification is a significant recognition for our company, and represents an important milestone on our journey towards agricultural sustainability. Global GAP is an internationally recognized norm that establishes rigorous standards for the responsible production of food, covering fundamental aspects such as food safety, care for the environment, occupational safety, animal welfare and the traceability of our products.

To achieve this recertification, we have passed a meticulous audit carried out by expert evaluators from Global GAP, who have evaluated every aspect of our farms. During this process, we show strong adherence to established standards, as well as an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and the adoption of industry best practices.

We are deeply grateful to our team, whose hard work and dedication have made this achievement possible. And we are committed to continue working with passion and dedication to provide the best fruit in the world, taking care of the environment and promoting good practices.

This recertification strengthens our position in the market, allowing us to bring our high-quality products to consumers, as our products meet the highest standards.

Together, we will continue to cultivate a sustainable future for all. We are proud of the way we do it.


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