Sep 9, 2022

We participated in the Expo-fair for the opening of the 2022-2023 Blueberry export campaign in Ica, organized by the National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa). The event was held at the College of Engineers of Ica, in conjunction with other agro-exporters in the region.

This fair has the objective of disseminating and positioning the department of Ica as an important region in terms of blueberry production in the country. We are very proud to have participated with a stand in which our blueberries shone for their size and incredible flavor.

The export of blueberries has had a dizzying growth, placing Peru as the first exporter of this fruit in the world, with the Ica region being one of the most important regions where blueberries of different varieties are grown.

At AgroMIGIVA, we remain committed to achieving the best fruit in the world and this year to exceed the volume exported in the previous campaign, because we are proud of the way we do it.

Let’s keep spreading passion!

Does this participation fill you with pride? Leave us a comment, let’s share the feeling!